Electrical Dorje passed ISO9001 quality system on-site audit

2018-02-07 09:01

  Company in 2014 January 16 to 17 , accepted Beijing Fangyuan Certification Center ISO9001 quality system certification Our site assessment.

During the audit , the assessment team by asking the experts to check records, on-site audits , communication , etc. , and finally made ​​our ISO9001 system operation meets the requirements of the evaluation criteria , and announced live by the audit . System certification covering the electronic control equipment and crane cab design and production , oil drilling machinery and electrical control design and production of complete sets of equipment , standard section of the tower crane production . The need for rectification of deficiencies and problems in the system, the existence of this audit , the company will draw on expert advice guidance and timely correction and improvement.

The audit can be passed , under the leadership of general manager冯凌飞, Liu Shuguang , director of technology , the company's co-operation of all my colleagues , experienced the preparation of documents , organize records , the results of on-site consolidation, internal audit, external audit and other stages . Dorje also involved lifting electrical machinery, oil drilling industry, a major milestone , marking the company's quality management level , I upgraded to a new level, participation in domestic and international competition in the market for our company to provide a strong guarantee.

Audit teacher for the Department for review




The audit of the production center for teacher audit


Company leaders on audit conclusions confirm