Organizational structure and configuration of the principles established by breeding with talent left, built by the industry elite formation of efficient collaboration and specialization professional team.


  Adhere to the "flat, simple, clear terms of reference," the organization design principles and "lean and efficient" allocation policy positions, integrating human resources, establish continuous optimization of "talent" management system.



Election: widespread in the country to recruit talent, find talent through executive search, talent website, network resources, such as multi-channel, insisted Ningquewulan selection philosophy;


Yuk: focus on cultivating internal talent, establish a complete training system annually earmarked special funds for the various ranks of staff, external training.


With: the right people in the right position, a clear mandate, focusing on supervision. Standard management system allows individuals to get into full play.


Stay: create high-quality work environment, training to plant at home concept. Construction personnel suitable root soil, retain employees "heart."