Technology company attaches great importance to research and development, the establishment of a domestic first-class technology center and test center.
Technology Center has design, research and development, engineering and laboratory four departments, bear in product design, R & D, technical support and service responsibilities. Technical team has included the state's special allowance, leaving Dr. De returning, including a number of industry experts, with the country's top technical talent in the sheet metal and structural design and electrical control system design, including 28 senior engineers, engineers 80 people, 80% of the technical staff have undergraduate or graduate degree. These technicians not only in their respective areas of proprietary director, also has extensive experience in the field of engineering practice and is a vibrant, strong technology, to tackle tough team, all kinds of product lines for the company to provide a strong technical support .



  Experimental Center has the industry's advanced detection instruments, equipment, and also self-built eight bench:
(1) Electrical control experiment station;
(2) cranes linkage control experiment station;
(3) the waves heave compensation experiment station;
(4) AC variable frequency electric drive rig test stand;
(5) rigs flexible torque control experiment station;
(6) pumping simulation test bed;
(7) remote monitoring test-bed;
(8) Safety and EMC bench.
Establishment of these instruments and experimental stations for product performance, functionality and security to provide a reliable guarantee for the product design and development also provides a basis for test and design validation environment.